About Us

Founded in 2011 by Founder & Owner Daniel Lewtas, Lewtas Logistics Group was intended to be a stop gap, following Daniel’s redundancy from Yodel Delivery Network, the company where he worked as a Logistics Manager.

Little did he know, what was to come over the next 10 years of his career, in the Directors chair of Lewtas Logistics Group! 2
2011 – A small operation delivering parcels out of our then, head office in Netherley, Liverpool.

 993 Sq. Ft Building with limited parking and offices, built entirely in Daniel’s spare time, with the help of a small team, including his Mum, Julie, who did all of the decorating in the self built offices!

2013 – This year started off very shaky, after a massive contract over Christmas failed to pay the company over £70,000 for work completed over “Peak” of 2012, however, with sheer hard work and determination, by the half year mark, Lewtas Logistics Group grew and pushed its way back to the top, despite writing off this big debt!

This proved, that Daniel’s drive to create a business, funded entirely by its own money without any external financing or without any borrowing, was absolutely the best business model for both the industry and the economic climate!

Smashing it through the year, we moved into a larger building based in Garston, South Liverpool – Although, the conversion work of a mezzanine floor, into habitable office space was again, done entirely by Daniel and a couple of the team, but despite being done on a budget and done in spare evenings and weekends, the environment was brilliant – But watching Daniel and one of his friends,hovering over the steep staircase, trying to attach a second hand air conditioner from Ebay to the ceiling, was an amusing sight!

2014 – Building Teams That last really paid off into this year, building a solid reputation within the logistics industry, saw further growth, and this was substantiated by the move to another building, in Garston, but this time, we absolutely nailed it, with a special credit going out to one of our Shift Managers at the time for the painting on a weekend, we turned a very scruffy old concrete building into a really professional and bright environment!
With contracts coming through, without even bidding for them, our reputation was building, the atmosphere was buzzing, and the progress was clear to see!

2015 – Everyone loved Garston! It became loved, and it’s legend lives on today, with the team members who have been here since Garston days, the love for Garston still lives on, but it is no longer a reality, just a distant memory, because in 2015, we literally ran out of space, and moved to our now current head office in Knowsley.

It felt at the time, like a backwards move, as the building was dark, old fashioned and nowhere near as vibrant, bright or well presented as we had made Garston! But, we all got to it, and started to make it more like home!

The building was much larger than anything we had ever been used to, and never thought for one second, that we would ever use all of it – it was a clear indication of our success!

2016 – Most probably the worst year for our business! Our fleet insurance company, Enterprise Insurance PLC entered into liquidation, withdrew cover and Premium Credit, who our insurance direct debit was set up with, demanded the full policy premium of over £140,000 in one go as Enterprise didn’t issue a return premium!

This was a massive blow, we were stopped in our tracks, strong reputation, some brilliant secure contracts, and a big, insurance company, to serve a blow like this, we had no idea what we were going to do! However, our leader did, and Daniel pushed us through into Peak of 2016, which actually ended up being the best peak period we had ever had!

On the back of this, Daniel’s dream, drawn on the back of an envelope, do develop the upstairs mezzanine floor into our Senior Management department, started to become a reality, as Paul Malinowski and his team of builders moved in, to start the transformation!

2018 – Despite the events of 2016, Lewtas Logistics continued to grow, going from strength to strength, securing fantastic contracts with world class logistics companies, as well as securing a contract with the worlds largest online retailer, and the unthinkable happened! We ran out of space, despite having a huge warehouse and converting the mezzanine into office space, at this point we had literally outgrown the building!

So, what else could we do? Well, we took on the building next door, we knocked down a load of walls downstairs to create an amazing canteen area for our teams, we re-located the main entrance to the side of the building to make that happen and we re-configured the entire upstairs, creating an 18 seat conference room and an amazing open plan office environment for senior management, bringing a touch of Garston to Knowsley!

At the same time, Lewtas Logistics started to be seen out on the road, after applying livery to the first 30 vans! Would you believe this wasn’t done by an external company, but by a select few team members, using stickers printed off from a logo created in Microsoft Paint, and applying them by eye! But for the first time, Lewtas Logistics was developing a brand and an identity!