We’re On It

Thank you for successfully completing your accident form, we have now received this and will process it in due course.

What happens Next?  Well, we will process your accident form and receive an estimate from our approved repairers for any damage to our vehicle, and or repair estimates for any damage caused to third party vehicles or property.

Once we have got these costs, we will send you a “damage notification” email, this will be simply informing you of the situation and a link to your individual damage folder which will contain images, your accident form and copies of the damage estimates from our repairers.

You then simply click on the link within the email to inform us on how you wish to pay for the damage (if applicable) this can be done in several ways such as credit or debit card, weekly instalments or by making a claim and paying the excess.

If you have any questions or wish to receive more information on this, please contact our fleet team.