You’ve Chosen To Claim

We understand this is a big decision to make, and we want you to be 100% sure that you want to make a claim.

When you make a claim, several things will happen

Firstly we will take over dealing with all aspects of the claim on your behalf, we will arrange repairs to all vehicles involved, or where we believe the valuation of the vehicle and the damage repair cost to be similar, we may choose not to repair our vehicle but take the hit on its future value instead – your excess will become payable.

Secondly from the moment you sign the claim form, your premium will increase immediately by £1.25 per day

Thirdly your excess will increase by an additional £500 for the next claim you make – if this is your third claim, your insurance will be cancelled.

Finally we will enter a record on the Underwriting Claims Exchange which all insurers now use when quoting for policies of insurance – this claim may affect your current personal policies and future policies.


If you are good with this and still want to make a claim, please ensure you make the correct selection below.  Please note if you don’t complete the correct document, we will not process your claim.