Our Directors

Daniel Lewtas

Director & Owner

Born in Liverpool, United Kingdom in March 1989, Daniel is the founder and 100% shareholder of Lewtas Logistics Group.

Daniel has worked in Logistics Since 2006, working for DHL (Now Yodel Delivery Network) in many roles, including a Sorter Loader, Delivery Driver & Section Manager, before his role being made redundant in 2011, resulting in him starting Lewtas Logistics Group, where he has remained in the Directors Seat to this day!

Daniel Studied a BA (Hons) in Forensic Psychology and Criminology at Liverpool John Mooers University as well as studying a BSC (hons) degree in Applied Mathematics at the Open University.

Daniel is dedicated to the company, working literally 7 days per week – his phone is never turned off, even while out of the country.  Having lived in Germany for a spell as a child through completing a German Exchange Project in 2001, Daniel returns to Germany at least 3 times per year, but drives all the way to Wolfsburg, this is part of the fun for him!

Other loves are visiting the Isle of Man, where he aspires to move to in the future, constantly reliving childhood memories with his Grandparents as well as enjoying drives in the Welsh countryside, visiting village pubs with traditional British Pub Food and spending time with his family, including his 3 dogs!  He hates cities!

Driving forward the company motto, of “Building Teams that Last, Through Treating People with Dignity and Respect”, Daniel prides himself on Asking not telling as well as, as soon as you shout you have lost the argument, ending with “make people laugh, when they are laughing, they are listening”.

Luke Boyd

Managing Director

Luke started working for Lewtas Logistics Group in 2012, not long after the company started, and worked as a delivery driver delivering over 200 parcels per day in the L14 area of Liverpool.  He worked hard with the aspiration to buy a nice car – nothing else mattered, it was all about cars!

As he progressed through his career, he took up a role of sub depot manager, managing a team of 20 couriers and between 400 – 800 parcels per day, rising to a lot more in peak, ensuring that the team was happy and that all parcels were covered by couriers to ensure we delivered the customer promise!

In 2015, Luke took a leap to become the first ever site manager in what is now, our largest contract, with the Worlds largest retailer, and to say he smashed it would be an understatement, to this day he is still the best site manager, Lewtas Logistics Group has ever had, which is why in 2017, he took control of the entire contract for the UK as UK Contract Manager which saw the companies performance month on month improve and the business grow branching out into several additional sites during our peak period.

In 2019, Luke became the first ever additional to the groups Board Of Directors, in its entire history, the first in nearly 9 years, at only 26 years old, and since his appointment, he has made massive changes, driving forward the ambition to build teams that last and being the best logistics company, and logistics company of choice for both customers, employees and suppliers!

He fully intends to continue driving Lewtas Logistics Group forward in his new role, he isdescribed by others as “Mr Diplomat”, Luke is respectful, well spoken and polite, treating people with dignity and respect is top of his priorities and believes this is the only possible way, to make the company a huge success, as well as taking time out from work, to spend with his young Daughter who he some day in the future, looks forward to bringing into Lewtas Logistics Group, in the same way he was.